Audits, Strategy & Planning

With your business goals in mind, we will research your industry and define your target audience/customers. We will then develop a social media marketing plan which includes the best social media channels to use. The strategy will include the type, tone and frequency of content which will best engage and inspire your community.

Content Creation

We create engaging content that informs and encourages your audience to take action. Posts are crafted by our in-house designer specialised to build trust in your brand and develop lasting relationships with potential and existing customers. These will include posters, pictures and videos.

Customer Interaction

On your behalf, we will engage and communicate with people in your social media communities. This will include having real conversations with people who are interested in your services, products or cause. We’ll post content that results in likes, retweets, shares and comments.

Social Development

Whether you’re only starting out or already have an existing social media presence, we can rapidly expand your reach and develop your community of followers. Using marketing techniques such as mentions and hashtags, will find, refine and follow people who meet your preferred audience criteria and who will follow you back.

Campaigns & Product Launches

If you are launching a new product, service or event soon? We can create a bespoke social media campaign that puts your product in front of hundreds of interested people, drives engagement, captures data and boosts sales.

Measurement & Monitoring

In order to get the most out of your social media marketing, it’s important to understand how your followers respond to your posts. We capture accurate and up-to-date information that tells us about user engagement, activity and your social audiences. This information is reported back to you and allows us to fine-tune and continually improve your social media activities.